Sound check... / by Charles Wiese

Just an experiment to see how the audio player works on my website.

This is a bit of audio produced a while ago with my modular synthesizer. Depending on how the website handles the audio files, I hope to share some of the audio I've been making over that past few years.

Ok... this works. I found the mp3 converter for Audacity and I'm good to go.

The tracks in this post are raw, live takes. No mastering or post. Just what I’ve been doing with audio is for other posts. For the present, consider them snippets - a brief record of my explorations of the sonic landscape in my possession.

This next one has sort of a jazzy, melancholy feel to it, done with a Ciat Lonbarde DeerCocoDeer version of the Cocoquantus and a few notes tapped out (starting about halfway through) on a Chapman stick. Check it out.