Big Weather seems to chase our family... / by Charles Wiese

Last year, Hurricane Harvey had its way with our home. It has been a bit over a year and we just now will begin the repair process… and there are still challenges with insurance.

Now, we have family members and friends in the path of (now) Hurricane Florence. If current projections hold, my son will be fending off up to 30” of rain.

Sincerely - best wishes for strength to all. Floods are not forgiving. I’ve been in Houston for over 25 years now and come to know tropical storms are real threats. Good luck.

Immediately after the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey receded, our back porch, garage, and yard were filled with items we couldn’t save and were hastily documented. Wet leather seems to be something truly provocative to the microscopic community - something new is growing into these shoes.

One more image based on a photograph taken during post-flood cleanup. So many helped us with HH, and no matter how many thanks are offered, it can never be enough to match the generosity of body and spirit of those who came to our aid.

Further thanks, gratitude, and acknowledgements to other organizations that have provided vital assistance. They include the Jewish Family Service, the Harvey Arts Recovery Fund, the Red Cross, and FEMA.