Tonight my url transferred... / by Charles Wiese

It is official now, I've ported my website (in part) to this new platform. The core content is in place (including some not-seen-before images), but some things are missing. That will be taken care of shortly.

In commemoration, I'm showing a raw render of a recently made landscape, see below.

Recently, I've returned to an old interest of landscape creation. Hardware and software speeds have improved enough that the kind of work I wish to make becomes possible on the budget I want to devote to it.

The softwares that I use for making this landscape require the creation of a nodal network. Using fundamental blocks - such as generators, filters, math operators, pixel mappers and others - to create a web of nodes that produces such an intriguing visual image is a surprisingly pleasant abstraction.

The typical generator makes use of some form of multi-fractal noise function. I mention this as a noteworthy connection to the work I've exhibited (see projects such as foldedSpace and ifs).

The above landscape is textured, illuminated, and rendered in Modo.