The big news for the day... two Views / by Charles Wiese

I inserted a new gallery - two Views. Click on the image below and have a look!

I plan to add (and subtract) to the collection as time goes by, but this is a good starting point. Simple pairings of photographs, no more. Remember, if you are on a pc, there is a small “+” in the upper right of each of the images in the strip preview. Click on it and get an enlarged view of the image.

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I was on the road this past summer and this photograph of Huerfano Butte was made. A pullout next the expressway (while traveling I-25 through Colorado) provided access. Apparently it was a historic way-point for those on the old trails. I can’t say I really understand why, given it is a short distance from very large and distinctive mountains. The butte is really quite small.

c Wiese_Huerfano Butte.jpg

Rendered here with a few embellishments.

I have a few more things I’m adding to the toolkit as seen here. Much more goes on behind the scenes that I have yet to share. I will make amends, but for now the demands of the house restoration have me distracted.