Making tracks... by Charles Wiese

But first, I need to build the land. This is a detail of a much larger landscape - it reminds me of places I have hiked in the canyon washes of Southern Utah. New tools are under development - much more of this to come in future works.

I like trees... by Charles Wiese

I really do - along with a long list of other things.

I also love the structure of trees. There is a rhythm to the branching of size, angle, and location… and part of the fun is the wide variety of examples trees and other plants provide. As you may have seen, I have a gallery in Projects called "fortheTrees”.

One day, I took things to a bit of an extreme.

A perfect half Moon... by Charles Wiese

Tonight I step onto the small deck outside my studio and see the half-Moon tipped to one side. It floats between the dark forms of tall pines against the sky.

A few years ago I stepped out at midnight to see the full moon. Which led to this.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all who have come to have a look at my website. I hope you will return as I have plans. There is a lot more to come.

If you like what you’ve seen - please share - thanks!

Plants are amazing... by Charles Wiese

A few years ago we had a small outburst of sunflowers in our front yard. A classic subject for the photographer, especially since Caponigro produced his sunflower portfolio.

Here’s mine.

Big Weather seems to chase our family... by Charles Wiese

Last year, Hurricane Harvey had its way with our home. It has been a bit over a year and we just now will begin the repair process… and there are still challenges with insurance.

Now, we have family members and friends in the path of (now) Hurricane Florence. If current projections hold, my son will be fending off up to 30” of rain.

Sincerely - best wishes for strength to all. Floods are not forgiving. I’ve been in Houston for over 25 years now and come to know tropical storms are real threats. Good luck.

Immediately after the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey receded, our back porch, garage, and yard were filled with items we couldn’t save and were hastily documented. Wet leather seems to be something truly provocative to the microscopic community - something new is growing into these shoes.

One more image based on a photograph taken during post-flood cleanup. So many helped us with HH, and no matter how many thanks are offered, it can never be enough to match the generosity of body and spirit of those who came to our aid.

Further thanks, gratitude, and acknowledgements to other organizations that have provided vital assistance. They include the Jewish Family Service, the Harvey Arts Recovery Fund, the Red Cross, and FEMA.

Sound check... by Charles Wiese

Just an experiment to see how the audio player works on my website.

This is a bit of audio produced a while ago with my modular synthesizer. Depending on how the website handles the audio files, I hope to share some of the audio I've been making over that past few years.

Ok... this works. I found the mp3 converter for Audacity and I'm good to go.

The tracks in this post are raw, live takes. No mastering or post. Just what I’ve been doing with audio is for other posts. For the present, consider them snippets - a brief record of my explorations of the sonic landscape in my possession.

This next one has sort of a jazzy, melancholy feel to it, done with a Ciat Lonbarde DeerCocoDeer version of the Cocoquantus and a few notes tapped out (starting about halfway through) on a Chapman stick. Check it out.

The Sky has been filled with clouds... by Charles Wiese

Beautiful skyscapes here in Houston this past week. It's fun to watch such giant forms drift across the blue.

So, here is an image from a while back that addresses some aspects of the floating form.

A simple modeled form, textured, lit, and rendered in Modo. One of the benefits of working with a good 3D program is the incredible array of image outputs one can generate. This image makes use of a series of images composited with each other. Image types include: normal map, occlusion map, "regular" render, alpha map, and others.

Sometimes I work on problems... by Charles Wiese

And sometimes problems work on me. Today's featured image was made after Hurricane Harvey had flooded our home in Houston.

The original 3D modelled scene consisted of displacement mapped planes, 3D modelled trees and terrain. The foreground elements were then further textured with NPR (non-photographic renderer) texturing routine in Modo.